Bespoke metalwork solutions
in the West Midlands

Providing custom metalwork projects for 30 years
Bespoke metalwork projects for your domestic needs


Years of
Architectural metalwork
to meet your specific needs

Bespoke metalwork
 to meet your exact needs

Stainless & Alloy Products Ltd over the 30 yrs have been tasked with many interesting and unusual jobs for all types of applications, both practical or decorative. Amongst these have been garden features, sculptures, partition screens, mirror frame and kitchen tops, the list goes on. But one thing they all have in common, they are individual to each customer and their idea or design, with as much guidance as they may require to achieve their goal. 

Custom metalwork tailored to your needs

We use CAD systems to enable us to meet any custom metalwork design specifications. We also offer on-site fabrication and installation. We’re always developing our vast range of skills and investing in manufacturing techniques to further expand our customer base. This enables us to offer a constantly improving level of service. Take a lot at some of our recent projects.

We use the following equipment in our fabrication work:
Metal planter
TIG & MIG Welding

3 meter Press Brake

3 meter Guillotine

Plasma Cutter
Kitchen cabinet

Bespoke metalwork projects
 in the West Midlands

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